CssUserAgent : User-Agent specific CSS classes

Avoid CSS hacks! Use cssua.js to apply special CSS classes to your pages allowing you to use valid CSS to work around browser-specific quirks. This feature applies User-Agent specific CSS classes to the tag to allow browser-specific CSS variation without resorting to CSS hacks. Since these are performed once at startup, CSS may be statically defined without the need to mix browser-specific logic into the presentation.

Multiple classes are created for each user-agent, allowing the web developer to target browser classes on differing levels of granularity. The general pattern is browser name followed by version number of varying precision:

  • ua-browsername
  • ua-browsername-major
  • ua-browsername-major-minor
  • ua-browsername-major-minor-build
  • ua-browsername-major-minor-build-revision

CssUserAgent : User-Agent specific CSS classes

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