HTML5 File Uploads with jQuery

Today TutorialZine shared a small web application called Upload Center, that will allow people to upload photos from their computers by dragging and dropping them onto the browser window, possible with the new HTML5 APIs exposed by modern browsers.

HTML5 File Uploads with jQuery

Uploading files using HTML5 is actually a combination of three technologies – the new File Reader API, the also new Drag & Drop API, and the good ol’ AJAX (with the addition of binary data transfer). Here is a description of a HTML5 file upload process:

  1. The user drops one or more files from their file system to the browser window by dragging. Browsers that support the Drag & Drop API will fire an event, which alongside other useful information, contains a list of files that were dropped;
  2. Using the File Reader API, we read the files in the list as binary data, and store them in memory;
  3. We use the new sendAsBinary method of the XMLHttpRequest object, and send the file data to the server.

View Demo  Source Website & Download

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