PCSS: Shortcut-oriented Server-side CSS3 Preprocessor

Unleash the CSS3 power with much less code and features like class nesting, server-side browser specifics, default unit and variables. PCSS is a PHP-driven CSS preprocessor. It aims on helping developers write CSS code.

PCSS: Shortcut-oriented Server-side CSS3 Preprocessor

PCSS features:

  • Pre-defined CSS constants and PCSS functions to make the CSS writing more intuitive and to make the code slimmer and even more readable
  • Class nesting
  • Variables that can hold any kind of data
  • Default unit and default image directory to set for pre-defined functions
  • @font-face shortcut with server-side browser detection for slimmer resulting code
  • Browser-specific shortcuts are detected on server-side to avoid redundant commands (like many “-webkit”, “-moz”, etc.)
  • Minifies the resulting CSS file

PCSS do server-side processing using PHP 5, so it requires this version to be available on the server where the website is running.

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