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jFormer : Build Beautiful forms in Minutes 2

jFormer : Build Beautiful forms in Minutes

jFormer is a form framework written on top of jQuery that allows you to quickly generate beautiful, standards compliant forms. Leveraging the latest techniques in web design, jFormer helps you create web forms that: Validate client-side...

HSL Color Picker 3

HSL Color Picker

HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminosity) allows us to describe meaningful relationships between colors. Give this brown color, hsl(36, 73%, 10%), it’s clear that if we desaturate 40 steps and lighten 70 steps we get hsl(36, 33%, 80%), a cream...

Polaroid Overlay Set 0

Polaroid Overlay Set

Polaroid Overlay Set consists of 11 differently styled polaroid’s. Each overlay measures 2400 X 1800 pixels in size. Hopefully these may be of interest and use. Source Website

Paper vCard: Free PSD Web Page Template 1

Paper vCard: Free PSD Web Page Template

Six Revisions shared an professional single-page paper vCard PSD template. The design aims for a clean, minimalist paper theme. It’s perfect for web designers, graphic designers, and creatives. This package includes 3 beautiful color variations and...

CSS3 Progress Bars 0

CSS3 Progress Bars

CSS-Tricks made some progress bars. They use no images, just CSS3 fancies. Like a good little designer always does, they fall back to totally acceptable experience. Source Website

Waypoints : A jQuery Scrolling Plugin 1

Waypoints : A jQuery Scrolling Plugin

Waypoints is a small jQuery plugin that makes it easy to execute a function whenever you scroll to an element. Waypoints makes a solid base for modern UI patterns that depend on a user’s scroll position on...